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Bunny Guinness's Chelsea Flower Show picks. The best barbecues for your garden. Forget Prince Harry, food, glorious food is the star at Chelsea. To find out if we can go into Aga shutdown and cook on an Egg, feeding a family of five without complaint, I decided to test one out for a week.

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By that I mean I enjoy standing in plumes of smoke with a cold beer, fiddling with air vents and long tongs, and burning sausages. I can also be quite boring when it comes to charcoal: nothing but environmentally sourced lumpwood for me. It has vents to die for: two patented, temperature-controlling ones.

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And by controlled, I mean to the nearest five degrees. A thermometer in the dome lid allows for hours of manly fine-tuning.

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You can start cooking on it within 15 minutes. Purity is everything here — as well as branding.


Natural Egg fire-starters are recommended. Lighter fluid is a dirty word, as it contaminates the ceramic cooking chamber. I feel guilty enough just using a standard match. The phosphorous! The potassium! It protects food from direct heat, preventing burning by circulating it around the chamber instead. The Egg uses a mixture of convection, conduction and radiant heat.

In a first, I manage to serve unburnt sausages. A far bigger triumph comes when I cook a whole chicken. The bird sits upright on a vertical chicken roaster, placed on the grille. Chicken and egg: the Big Green Egg is good for vertically roasting chicken.

This prevents a rush of heat that might burn your hands. On one particularly ambitious evening, I vertically roast a chicken at the same time as cooking belly of pork which sits in a tray on the plate setter below the grill. Aga users will also appreciate the ability to cook slowly — we regularly use our bottom oven for overnight roasting.

Set at a low temperature, the Egg can cook for 10 hours on one load of charcoal. Own an egg interest free. White glove delivery Available.

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The MiniMax is proof that big things come in small packages. It will make a statement in backyards but is also an ideal fit for balconies.

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Take it to the beach, camping glamping, even — the portable MiniMax will follow you wherever the winds take you. So did the most expensive barbecue produce the perfect banger? Our results might surprise you. It has a handy table, too. There's no need to assemble anything - just light your charcoal, close the dome and it's hot enough in 12 minutes. A draught door at the bottom allows precise temperature control; opening it gets the coals even hotter.

The Egg can cook the perfect burger in just ten minutes. The texture of the sausage and chicken was gorgeous, the burger had restaurant-ready grill marks and the kebab was perfectly cooked with a bit of bite.


Like cooking on an Aga in your garden. A good height, it stops your back from breaking, with a wide grill that gives you plenty of space to work on. The clever design means you can add extra charcoal through the side without having to lift your food off the heat. Good air circulation in the dome meant food was not dripping with grease. And it retained heat well — we were able to cook for two hours.

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The food tasted great without cooking unevenly or being over-charred. The vegetables cooked well, the burger was tender and moist and the chicken and sausage nice and crisp. A great little cooker. The first flames fizzled out because there is no air flow, so it had to be relit. It sits on the ground and promises to cook for three hours.