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Any time there is a Facebook one, you are usually going to get page not found.

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Easiest thing to do on these is to claim them from a computer. Another thing you can try if you have are a bit tech savvy, is to use your mobile device browser in desktop mode. Also, it is important to know that freebies are used as promotional marketing products. They want to market things to you, so that is the reason they are giving them away. What you can do to avoid, or minimize this is just create a second email address that you use for all of your freebies and sweepstakes. This will keep your regular email clear of clutter, and allow you to do your freebies and sweepstakes on your own terms.

I am not very good at this one, since freebies are a hobby, and to a certain degree, run my life lol, I have everything all mixed together on several emails. Then again, I am not always the most organized with things! Companies use freebies for marketing purposes, sometimes it may be new products that they want to get in the hands of consumers like yourself before they hit the shelves, and sometimes they are just seasonal items.

For example, right before winter I usually see hot chocolate and coffee freebies come up.

The Psychology of Purchases: Free Samples Help Customers Make Buying Choices

This is because companies know that it is the season for buying so they want you to try their product in hopes that you will buy more. Almost everything I post is free with no shipping fees, no credit cards, and no hoops to jump through. Posted by Jasmine Birtles in Saving money 07 Aug Read more.

The information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of providing monthly budgeting and money-saving tips via email, and will not be shared with any third-parties. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time. Top money tips straight to your inbox! Freebie Site UK You may think that trawling the net for freebies is a new concept, but think again. Gumtree The Gumtree Freebies section works a lot like Freecycle, with members of the public uploading items they want to get rid of. Ignore it. Related Posts.

Being in financial difficulty is not a pleasant experience; you may feel Starting university is stressful enough, but it's a whole other kind of Todd, I am sorry about your situation. To be honest, a lot of their stuff depends on your geographical location and similar factors since many of the companies they use to get freebies from, target specific group of consumers. AMEM for about five years I have answered so many questions and a lot would be repeated over and over. Those questions were like that just to get information so they could try to sell us something.

I would answer so many till I would give up and just stop. The ones like this should be made to delete their website.

Top 10 Best Freebie Sites | SuperMoney!

The reason I say that is because you waste your time. I agree Todd!! Find a real freebie site! Check mine out! Smiley is a great site…I signed up weeks ago and have already been chosen for 3 products to review for free. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jill. No drama, just freebies!! Thanks for the addition, Deb. How long have you been using it and what kind of items have you gotten from them, if you dont mind me asking? Hi there, Satrap. I would say they are my main freebie website. They also post samples, sweepstakes, deals and coupons.

I also visit Gimmie Freebies, they are awesome as well. I just started visiting them about 6 months ago. Thanks for the shout out Deb! I am also a big fan of Vonbeau. Jamie and her husband run the site. I have a great deal of respect for them!! I use smiley not only you get samples to try they are full sized. They ship out samples and coupons to get products for free I received sample box for o.

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I received box of arm and hammer tooth paste and Trojan brand Intense pleasure gel. You get small sample and also a full size sample. Crowd tap is another site. Not only do you get free samples but gift cards for sites like Amazon as well. Thanks Holly.

The Science of Free Samples: How Freebies Can Keep Customers Coming Back For More

GetitFree is nothing but a fake. They say in emails that you either qualify for a certain sample or that they need your info to verify it, but once you get that far, you do offers and surveys. Normal and fair, right? Guess what? Once you run that gamut, you get matched to some OTHER samples, on another website, just to run the whole thing again…. I agree, they have done some changes to their site that makes it a little confusing. I am going to try to get in touch with them and ask them about your experience.

Yeah, I use PinchMe as well. I actually made a big list of Amazon Review sites if you are interested. Would love to add SampleMeMore to this list.

Alice, the idea was to list the top ten. But I will probbaly be making a new list of all freebie sites and will include yours as well. The list is not bad, however, there are few popular sites missing in the list like FreebiesDip. I agree, however the idea for this list was to just list the 10 best ones. But I will either make a new post with more freebie sites or add to this list. Stay tuned. I have a freebie group on facebook.

I only post direct links to the sample or freebie and I always test it out before I post. Busy mom lol! Hi Jeff, most of these offers are for the U. Thanks for reading!

About Get It Free

GoFreebies actually lists legit freebies, but the stuff they offer you at first is like on a lot of similar sites where you have to complete gold, silver, and platinum offers to receive it. My favorites are FreebieShark. I get the most from Crowdtap, but you have to go on there pretty regularly to get chosen.

Thank you for a great article. Is it ok to just post the freebies that I get from subscribing from other websites in my website or I need to get permission from the company who own the freebies. You can list the actual freebies normally without permission. Does anyone know about Freebie mom on face book, and are they a real company. That pays you for freebies and does anyone really get the grand prize. Hopefully someone else may be able to answer this. Thanks for the post! I was just wondering — Is getitfree safe to use or is it a scam since you have to enter your info?

GetItFree is a legitimate site. I understand your concern with sites that ask for personal info, but this is done for a few reasons.


Mainly, to be able to send you emails later with new deals, freebies, and perhaps promotional offers. After all, these sites have to make money somehow! Thanks for the heads up, Katie. It was an issue with the link. The site is still available.

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I fixed the link. It should be working now. The best site that I have found is freebie mom she has free samples all the time and you actually get them. She also does a lot of giveaways I have won quite a bit of stuff from her site. Freebie mom is the only site I found that is actually legit. I think it is great, Are you updating your site for ?

I have tried so many different sites and spent so much time filling out questions my head is spinning. Thank you Ali.